The Story Behind
 my  New Single "NATURAL WOMAN" by LALove the Boss
 I was looking for a Song that would work with my Music Meets Fitness Campaign, that you could Dance, Work Out to and put a message out their about Self Love. The Title came from D'Roy, the Writer & Producer, we Collaborated and "Natural Woman" was Born. 
I want to use my Music Meets Fitness to Inspire Young Women by embracing their Natural Beauty inside and out. I definitely had some insecurities growing up also. I thought my breast were to small, my butt was not big enough and my hair was to puffy. My Mom would encourage me to love myself as God made me, (Affirmations); you have an Electricfying Personality, you are are Bubbly, Caring, Motivating, Positive, Smart, Funny, and Determined to be Successful.  Her favorite saying is "Pretty is what Pretty Does With It".  In the back of my mind I had struggles on embracing that for awhile, with practicing affirmations I started feeling what Self Love was all about. Let's be honest, every Young Lady wants to feel beautiful on the outside, but we also have to work on the inside.
 Temporary enhancements such as; Make-up , Weaves, Wigs, Push Up Bras, etc are great to add to your Natural Beauty, even I use these enhancements at times. At the end of the day when you take it all off, do you still feel beautiful? I know that not everyone has that support system that I have, so I choose to share my Blessings and to make a difference with my Artistry through my Music Meets Fitness Campaign, by helping Young Women to Build their Self Esteem and embrace Self Love through Fitness and Nutrition. If you feel good you look good, shine from the inside out. Give yourself a chance and be the BEST YOU!!
 I have Launched my New Fitness Site with Trainers Vault, where the Single will be playing in the background on the Fitness Video's., you can register for Fitness Challenges, Personal Coaching and Meal Planning... You do not need any equipment, I use all Natural Body Weight, it is very Acheivable for anyone and we have several Levels to Challenge you. I call it Boss Love Fitness, which you will see BOSS in all that I do, it represents,
"Building On Self Success"
New Single    Natural Woman
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Lalove the Boss: Natural Woman



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